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Longhorn Construction Inc. - Rock Springs, Green River, Afton, Evanston, Kemmerer Trenching, Light Grading

Trenching and Light Grading

The construction equipment that we use is compact for tight areas in residential applications, but don’t let this fool you. Our equipment is very powerful, it can do most any small jobs that is required in small areas. The benefit to using smaller equipment is that it can safely go over lawns and paved driveways without damaging your property.

We have many different attachments that we can change quickly as needed for the project, so that our job is not interrupted for long periods. Thus getting it done quickly and efficiently.

• Large Developments
• Landscape projects
• Initial preparation
• Trenching
• Leveling
• Final grade
• Pond Building
• Grading
• Underground infrastructure installation
• Street Rehab

For all your excavating needs call us at 307-875-2232 or fill out our online contact form above.

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